Grooming at its Best

At Barker & blu, we believe in trying to establish a bond and a trusting relationship with your pet during their grooming experience. From basic dog grooming, hand stripping, hand scissoring, rustic coat maintenance and show grooming we believe in knowing as much as possible to better suit our clients’ needs. Soon enough you’ll notice a happy and excited dog running through the doors waiting to greet their favourite pet stylist, and we all know we’d love to see our “kids” run straight through the door with excitement to get groomed.

What we offer

One on one personalised care – not just ‘another dog’  we treat each dog as they were our own and cater to there individual needs, whether they are anxious or have skin allergies you can count on us to provide the very best love and care.

  • Calm environment –We aim to ensure the grooming process is as stress free and relaxing as possible for your furbaby, our expert stylists will not only have your dog looking good but most importantly, feeling good.
  • Cage free – your dog will never be caged while at Barker and blu unless requested (for social or medical reasons).
  • Products– we have sourced only the best chemical free products for your dog to ensure no nasty skin flare ups.

1. Short Hair ‘Wash & Tidy’ - (Wash, Brush, Nail Clip & Ear Clean)

Small Dogs (<10kg) $45
Medium Dogs (10-20kg) $55
Large Dogs (20-40kg) $60
Extra Large Dogs (>40kg) $65

2. Long Hair ‘Wash & Tidy’ - (Wash, Brush, Nail Clip, Ear Clean and Trimming of Face, Paws and Bottom)

Small Dogs $55
Medium Dogs $65
Large Dogs $70
Double Coats $110

Extra Service for long haired dogs e.g. full face clip, feathers on legs – add $10 – $20

3. Long Hair ‘Full Service’ - (Wash, Brush Out, Nail Clip, Ear Clean, Hygiene Clip and all over hair cut)

Small Dogs from $80
Medium Dogs from $90
Large Dogs from $113

Extra Service – Style Cut*  – add $10-$25
(*Style cut includes: Teddy bear cut, puppy cut, traditional clip e.g schnauzer, westie; long hair cuts)


Daycare is great for pet owners who work long hours or need to run errands and are concerned about leaving their beloved furbaby at home alone during the day.

We offer high quality doggy day care, with a cage-free environment where your dog can feel comfortable getting to know us.
Daycare tab

With us your pup will get an opportunity to make friends and to learn how to behave in social situations. Here at Barker & blu we offer both Half Day Daycare and Full Day Daycare to accommodate all pet owners with all sorts of schedules!

Barker & blu professional dog day care Newport will provide him or her with the all the exercise, education and social interaction a healthy, happy, educated pooch needs. Whilst giving you complete peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for while you’re away.

Complementary Outside Walks are included in both Half Day Daycare & Full Day Daycare services. We will also be more than happy to feed your pet if you provide us with their food, and times. You are free to bring individual portions each day or leave a bag of food with us which will be labeled & given to your pets at the times you instruct us to.


Half Day (5 hours or less) $40
Half Day Regular (3 or more days a week) $35
Full Day Casual $50
Full Day Regular (3 or more days per week) $45
  • Pick up and drop off available to surrounding suburbs – add 10$ each way.
  • We also offer Valet Daycare, where you can drop off your pet for an hour for $18 an hour.
  • Please note Barker & blu Daycare service is currently catering for small-medium breed dogs (under 15kg) only.
  • Daycare hours Tuesday – Friday  7:50am – 5:00 pm
  • purchase 5 days of daycare and get a $25 discount and a additional wash and tidy service, no charge!

Dog Walking

Barker & blu offers a dog walking service to the Newport area for small-large breed dogs who love to stretch their legs! this is a wonderful option for those wanting to keep their pup mentally and physically stimulated while mum and dad are at work or those who are struggling to keep up with their pooches high energy needs.

What we offer

Group walks: the equivalent of a playdate, we offer group walks for those social butterflies who love interacting with their furry peers. Your best friend has a full hour to play and socialise with other dogs, get some real exercise and generally have fun. This walk is conducted on leash.

Individual walks: for those who prefer their own space and one on one time with the hoomans.

dog walking

Group Walk (1HR)

Your best friend has a full hour to play and socialise with other dogs, get some real exercise and generally have fun. This walk is conducted on leash.

1-2 walks per week $30 per walk
3+ walks per week $25 per walk

Individual Walk 30 MINS)

This is for dogs that may not be suitable to walk with a group, need individual attention to become perfect walkers, or for owners who would prefer their pets to be walked alone on leash for a shorter walk.

Per Walk $30 (Additional dog $10)

Dog walking hours Monday – Friday between 7:30am and 6:00pm